Megan & Becca | Logie Country House | Aberdeenshire Wedding Venue

Come along with me on a journey to the enchanting Logie Country House wedding venue, where Megan and Becca scripted a wedding day that was pure magic. It was on the 26th of April 2023 when this Aberdeenshire wedding venue haven witnessed a love fest like no other, as Megan and Becca tied the knot in front of family and friends.

Now, here’s a twist – Megan and Becca had already gotten married in New Zealand back in December 2020. So, what was this day at this Aberdeenshire wedding venue all about? Well, it was a joyous gathering, a grand celebration uniting friends and family from near and far.

A Transcontinental Tale of Love

Megan, with the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand in her heart, and Becca, proudly claiming Aberdeenshire as home, embarked on a love story that spanned continents. Logie Country House, a picturesque backdrop, played host to the next chapter of their adventure.

As they were already married, the ceremony was led by a close friend. Becca, embracing her Scottish roots, adorned a kilt, while Megan chose a stunning dress that radiated beauty and elegance.

Prep Magic and a Bosie

Starting the day together in the bridal suite, Megan and Becca then opted for a separate dressing session. The culmination was a beautiful reveal to each other, a moment frozen in time, sealed with a shared glance and a look at the rings – a creation of love crafted by a dear friend.

These girls radiated love. In front of my camera, they were absolute naturals. Laid back, having fun, and, let’s say it, lots of bosies in their affectionate moments in their affectionate moments. This goes hand in hand with my photography style, which is fun and relaxed. I always tell my couples that I just join in on their wedding day.

The Heartfelt Ceremony at Logie Country House Wedding Venue

Now, let’s delve into the heart of it all – the ceremony. Against the stunning backdrop of Logie Country House, Megan and Becca’s love took center stage. With their friend officiating, the ceremony was a testament to their love.

From the exchanged vows to the shared glances, every moment was a celebration of their undeniable connection. The rustic charm provided the perfect canvas for these heartfelt moments, making their ceremony a truly magical experience.

Family-Style Feasting and Speeches

As the sun set, guests gathered for an evening of heartfelt speeches – a mix of stories from different times and places, bringing laughter and tears of happiness to Logie Country House. These moments turned the wedding venue into a place where people shared memories.

After the speeches were done, everyone enjoyed a family-style feast with a delicious Beef Wellington as the main dish.

Choreographed Joy on the Dance Floor

The evening unfolded with a choreographed first dance that stole the show. Megan and Becca, in perfect harmony, dazzled their guests, and soon the dance floor was a sea of joy, with friends and family joining the celebration.

Megan and Becca’s wedding day was not just an event; it was a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of love, laughter, and unique moments. From the heartwarming ceremony to the blissful newlywed snapshots, and the electric energy of speeches and dancing, every part of their day was a celebration.

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